Terminology Used

While joining new affiliate programs, you will encounter frequently used words, even a lot of confusing acronyms. Make you know and understand the definitions.

Ad Network -

Affiliate -

Affiliate Program – a marketing agency that attracts new visitors to the website with the help of affiliate schemes.

Bookmaker -

Cryptos - any non-fiat currency, including but not limited to Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Doge, etc.



Referral - A person who clicks on your link and visits the latter site is a referred user. Typically, whether your referral players win or lose, you get paid!

Sports Book -

Signup Bonus - when advertising for casino sites, they employe phrases such as '500% bonus to join' or 'we match your initial deposit', etc. These are a standard gimmick, every site has some variation.

Wager - is calculated as the lesser of the amount bet or the amount that can be won on a bet.

Why Should I Use Crypto-Affiliates Programs?

    Ad networks and Affiliates are a common way to get traffic and to make money. 

   There are hundreds of cryptocurrency related programs from which to choose from, it seems as though everybody is offering you a slice of their pie.

    Who do you trust, who pays, and who pays-out with greater frequency?
     Compared to getting a check in the mail or wire transfer,  it is far simpler, cheaper, and quicker to award people in crypto, avoiding those minimums and monthly payouts endured with fiats.

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